A few words about Advantic

Advantic Sp. z o. o. is a Polish company operating in areas related to food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our employees have many years of business and scientific experience, gained during their careers both in Poland and abroad. This enables us to respond to the client`s needs related to the timely and specialized delivery of raw materials. Our products are of the highest quality, testified by proven tests carried out in Polish and European laboratories. “Advantic” provides excellent chemical and physiochemical analyses of raw materials which is one of the key activities that is undertaken by manufacturing companies and distributors of raw materials. Thanks to our strict analysis and stringent testing that we conduct we can ensure the highest quality of ingredients in the market. This outstanding service is provided by Advantic.


Michał M. Wójcik (Ph.D.)


Area of activity:

The company deals with the import, distribution and production of raw materials. Additionally, the subject of our activity is R&D activity in the field of new materials, analytics of organic compounds and inorganic salts. We also work on unconventional production projects, in cooperation with companies and institutions both, in the country and abroad, also on the basis of J-V relationship. Currently, the company has two sales offices (in Warka and Tarnów) and warehouses adapted for storage of food grade raw materials, food supplements and raw materials for pharmaceutical industry, which is located in the heart of the Mazovia, region.