The Advantic company provides consultancy services in the field of implementing production technologies for new products dedicated to the food, supplement and pharmaceutical industries. Our support for our clients projects results from our education background and professional experience:

  • Dr Michał Wójcik is graduate of Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw (2011, suma cum laude) is a chemist specializing in materials chemistry, nanotechnology and food chemistry. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Warsaw, the author of Polish and international patent applications and scientific publications. He has been involved in many projects in the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for over 10 years, where he dealt with technologies related to the use of food additives and functional mixtures developed by him in industries such as beverages, meat and supplements. He is also an expert of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, where he dealt with consultancy in the food and biotechnology industry. At Advantic he focuses on projects related to the new functions of natural and healthy food ingredients as well as consultancy in this field.


  • M.Sc. Ing. Rafał Kuchnik is a graduate of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, where he obtained a degree at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences. During his professional career he was involved in projects related to the implementation of mineral raw materials for pharmaceutical and supplement production. He also has extensive experience in the use of yeast extracts in ready-to-eat dishes, the meat industry and aromas. In his work, he focuses on projects related to the optimization of production costs in combination with solutions related to “clean label” products.